Increase Website Traffic

How to buy website traffic?

Website traffic is an essential goal for many business owners and online marketers but boosting your website traffic through organic means takes time. When you want results fast, you may not have that time.

Website traffic is an essential goal for many business owners and online marketers but boosting your website traffic through organic means takes time. When you want results fast, you may not have that time. 

Is there a way to buy organic website traffic? Some marketing companies claim you can, and offer their services for a price. It may be a start, but you’re better off going the organic route yourself. Here’s how to buy website traffic in an legit way.

Paid Traffic Sources

When you search “buy traffic to my website,” you’re actually searching for paid advertisements. There are many tools available online that you can use to boost traffic to your website – and more!

The best part about these tools is that they usually allow for a goal-oriented approach. You can choose what you want to accomplish through a paid ad. For instance, if you run a Facebook ad, the platform will ask you to choose a goal, in this case, to boost website traffic.

Facebook will then show your ads to those people most likely to click on links on the platform, instead of users who usually don’t. In a way, you buy real traffic from Facebook. The same goes for other tools that allow you to buy traffic for your website too. 

Here are the main ones you should use.

Display Ads 

Display ads are banners or video ads you can find on a webpage, in different locations. Google uses its own network of more than 2 million sites, videos, or apps to show these types of ads. You’ve likely come across a few of them as well.

They are good for boosting traffic because they can easily catch the user’s attention, especially if the display ad is:

  • Visually appealing;
  • Has compelling copy;
  • Is properly placed;

With these ads, you are leveraging the audiences from other platforms, and trying to get them to come to your website as well. However, display ads are possibly the more complex from this list. Unless your ad is compelling, people will likely ignore them. 

Additionally, you are dealing with users who have an ad blocker in place, which may affect your reach. But, since Google will only charge per click, you can control the costs.

Paid Search

Paid search are ads you want to appear in search engine result pages (SERPs) like Google or Bing. These are the classic types of ads people use to buy organic website traffic because it has the highest chance to reach people willing to click on your link?

Why? Simple: it’s because of the way these ads work.

In paid search, you create the ad, and then you use a few keywords to tell the platform who you’re trying to reach. There are some other elements of targeting, but for now, let’s focus on this idea. You target a relevant keyword like “best-canned cat food* because that’s the term you determined will bring the highest conversions. 

When a user types that keyword, or something really similar, they see your ad and are likely to click it. They already have an intent to visit these kinds of websites or even buy something. You don’t just search for “best-canned cat food” because you’re bored – you likely want to know what’s the best-canned cat food. A user sees this ad, and if the copy is compelling, they can click on it and read your amazing article and reviews about the top brands of cat food.

Social Media Ads

These are ads you can run on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They’re not just effective in helping you build a bigger following on this platform. You can buy paid real traffic as well.

Facebook, in particular, has a really complex advertising system that allows you to build ads for just about any goal you want, from boosting traffic to generating more leads, and even selling products directly through the platform.

Social media ads across different platforms have one thing in common: they need to be created with a specific platform in mind. Ads that work well on Facebook can sometimes tank on Instagram, even though technically you can run the same ad on both platforms, at the same time.

Each platform has its own “criteria.” Instagram needs more beautiful content. Twitter ads have to contain shorter copy, so you need to be more direct. Youtube Ads are always video, and they need to be really compelling since users are already watching videos. All that effort that you put in distinguishing your ads based on the platform you are running them on ultimately pays off!

Paid Discovery

Discovery ads are Google’s most difficult ads to make and run because the platform tells you upfront they need to offer “a high-quality consumer ad experience.” And Google is not known for its low standards.

Discovery ads can be effective to use for boosting traffic because you have less competition than with more popular ads, such as search ads or even social media ads. Discovery ads appear on the YouTube homepage, Watch Next, Discover, and even in Gmail under the Promotions and Social tabs. 

With these ads, Google wants relevancy, stunning content, and overall high-quality that its users can appreciate. 

Boost Traffic to Your Website

Now that you know where to buy website traffic from, it’s time to get your hands dirty and bring more users to your website!

No matter which method of boosting website traffic you use, remember to make your ads compelling and relevant to the target audience. The compelling factor helps users notice your ads, while relevancy makes them all the more likely to click on the link, and possibly even take further action once they reach the landing page.

One More Thing

You should also know that even with buying website traffic, you are not going to see thousands of new visitors overnight – nor do you want to. Increasing your website audience takes time. While some marketers can “promise” you’ll get thousands of new visitors in a short time with their services, this type of paid traffic doesn’t work well long-term.