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Three Key Pillars Of Your Content Marketing Strategy

When you offer people meaningful, relevant content, it can change the way an average user looks at your business. You’re not just another online platform – you can even be seen as a leader in your industry.

Around 69% of companies report success with their content marketing strategies. More than any other effort, content marketing has the ability to greatly improve online businesses as it inevitably leads to improving the way you communicate with an audience.

When you offer people meaningful, relevant content, it can change the way an average user looks at your business. You’re not just another online platform – you can even be seen as a leader in your industry. 

What Are the Different Types of Content Marketing Strategies?

Content marketing is a rather broad term that can mean a lot of different methods employed in a singular strategy that focuses on content. 

Sometypes of content marketing strategies can include:

  • Blogging;
  • Interviews;
  • Video;
  • Infographics;
  • Whitepapers;
  • Podcasts;
  • Courses;
  • Social media posts;
  • ebooks.

They are diverse, but what they all have in common is this:

  • At their core, their purpose is to help place your business in a different, better light;
  • They must be high-quality and actually give something to the audience in terms of information.

If you’re not too versed in this world, it can be a lot to take in all at once. Below you’ll find the three key pillars you could include in your beginner content marketingstrategy, no matter which type of content you focus on. 

Paid Advertising 

After you create your high-quality content, ask yourself: who’s going to consume it? Your established audience may not be big enough for your content marketing strategy to really take off yet, so one of your focus would be to boost website traffic.

You can do that through paid advertising where instead of promoting your website as a whole (or a product/service), you start promoting your content and allow users to get to know you through it. This way, you can bring in new visitors interested in your content, who can then gradually become part of your main audience.

Search Engine Optimization 

SEO is the process of making your website search-engine friendly in the hope of getting a good page rank. The great news is that search engines love high-quality content and you can use your content marketing strategy to boost SEO efforts.

Your SEO efforts can improve your content marketingstrategy too. The processes in digital marketing are so connected, that you’ll often see two or more of them influencing each other greatly. 

Social Media and Email Marketing 

Lastly, your digital content marketing strategy needs to include social media and email marketing. Both of them are great ways to take your content closer to an audience you already have, but may not be always updated on what you’re posting.

Some users may have it in their routine to check your website for the latest article or infographic, but what about those who don’t? They need to be informed by you, and these two methods are simple, effective ways to do that. They leverage the audience you already have, either because they follow you on social media or have given their email to enter your group of contacts. You can use that to re-direct them to the content you want them to read.

With both of these methods, you need to personalize the messages since you are addressing people who already know you in a way.

Boost Traffic to Your Website

All types of content marketing strategies can help your business in its digital efforts, whether those efforts are to sell more, increase brand awareness or just improve your reputation in your industry. But for your content marketing strategy to work, you should start by focusing on these three pillars of boosting traffic.