Increase Website Traffic

How To Monitor Your Website Traffic

Your website traffic is one of the most important metrics you have. It tells you a lot both about your audience and about the efforts that are genuinely paying off to get more people to access your site.

But unless you monitor the traffic, you’re not going to access this essential information. Not to worry! You’re about to discover how to monitor your website traffic – easily.

The Best Tools to Monitor Traffic

Website traffic is more than just the number of people who access your website. The right tool can offer a lot more information on your audience. This data is essential in helping you reach your business goals.

Here are some of the best traffic monitoring tools out there:

1. Alexa

Alexa is a marketing platform that offers a variety of tools, including website traffic monitoring (which, by the way, is free). You can use the platform to run a quick analysis of all traffic sources to your site and get important info such as:

  • Website traffic statistics and a special rank to see how your website is performing overall;
  • Competitive benchmarking information, such as how much traffic your site is getting from searches;
  • Audience insights.

Because it’s an external analysis, it means you can also use the platform to check out your competitor’s website too and compare it with yours to get more tips on how to improve.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is considered one of the best traffic monitoring tools out there because (1) it’s from Google, and (2) it offers business owners and marketers a lot of data on their site performance. 

This platform doesn’t just run a diagnostic on an independent webpage. It offers a piece of code that you copy-paste on your own website to enable tracking. This allows better, more accurate monitoring. However, you cannot track competitors with Google Analytics.

3. Statcounter

Statcounter is a simple tool that works similarly to Google Analytics, in the sense that you have to copy-paste a piece of code to your website to let it track the traffic and other metrics.

The free account lets you get insights on your most recent 500 views and gives you information on:

  • Traffic sources;
  • Real-time visitor activity;
  • Website analytics report.

It’s a really good option for small businesses or blogs that don’t have large traffic to track. For bigger sites, you may want to consider their paid plans, which start at $9 per month.

4. GoingUp

GoingUp’s Web Stats Live is the simple, free version of their premium tool which gives you insights on your traffic in real-time.

The tools will give you reports on:

  • Your recent visitors;
  • Top pages;
  • Referring sites;
  • Keywords.

Boost Your Traffic Now

Monitoring the traffic coming into your site right now lets you devise better plans to boost the number of people coming in. Then, you have even more chances of scoring a conversion.

These four tools can all help you achieve your traffic goals. Check them out now.

Boost your traffic now.