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What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of marketing where instead of targeting a new audience, you take your ads to those people who’ve previously visited your site.

Why is this a thing? And, most importantly, is it worth your time? Let’s discuss this.

How Retargeting Works

Retargeting means you’ll use an audience of users who’ve already interacted with your website as the main target. This brings a lot of perks into the mix because as opposed to other ads, you don’t have to work as hard to convince people to click on your link.

They already did that before. They’ve been on your site, looked around, maybe even added a few items into their cart. They just didn’t go all the way to convert that first time.

Normal ads target users who are in the first stages of the converting funnel. These are the users who may not even recognize your name. These ads typically have a lower conversion rate since you have to introduce yourself to users and convince them to click your link (and trust you) based on a single interaction.

With retargeting, on the other hand, you have higher chances of converting the user.

How Do You Know Who to Target?

In short, you don’t. Well, not you, exactly. Retargeting works by installing a pixel from the marketing tool that runs your ad (such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads) on your website or a specific page where all the action happens.

As you run your ads and get people to visit your site, the pixel will track their behavior. If they don’t convert, that user will then be added to your retargeting audience. You can tell the pixel exactly what you want to track, such as buys, newsletter sign-up, clicks on the call now button, etc.

Once you have more users in that audience, you can run a second ad. Now, instead of creating a generic copy about how great your brand is, you can go for a more personalized approach. For example, if a user leaves items in their cart, a retargeting ad strategy would be to kindly remind them their items are still waiting for them.

Retargeting Should Be Subtle

Some users just aren’t interested in your brand. Plain and simple. Though retargeting can be effective in increasing your conversions, you have to be careful not to push it too far.

In other words, don’t retarget your audience with 10 different ads, reminding them they have items in their cart or to sign up for your webinar. This can have the opposite effect, and make a user feel like you’re bothering them needlessly.

Over to You

If you’re running any type of paid ad, you should consider running a retargeting ad as well. Since you’ve already paid for a user to visit your site, a retargeted ad may be the final push they need to convert, which means you haven’t wasted money on ads that don’t convert.

Just remember not to push it too far.

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